Agriculture - Production of food and goods through farming and forestry. It is the practice of breading and raising livestock of domesticated animals plants.

Bananas are native to the tropical region of Southwest Asia in Papua New Guinea. Today they are cultivated throughout the tropics. There grown in the tropics so therefore they have to be shipped all over the world. The bunches are harvested before the fruit is fully mature. When shipping it is carefully handled, quickly transported to the seaboard, then cooled at a 13 Celsius degrees and shipped under sophisticated refrigeration. This is so that the banana do not ripen before it reaches its location. If it is cooled correctly it allows the transportation for 3-4 weeks. When arrived the bananas are held at about 17 degrees Celsius and treated with a low concentration of ethylene. After a few days when it looks riped then it is distributed for retail sale.

This is the top nations that produce bananas (2005) ( In millions metric tons )
India - 16.8100_0334.jpg
Brazil - 6.7
China - 6.4
Ecuador - 5.9
Philippines - 5.8
Indonesia - 4.5
Costa Rico - 2.2
Mexico - 2.0
Thailand - 2.0
Colombia - 1.6
Burundi - 1.6
  • The Banana trade has gone up from 18% in 1990's - 22% in 2000's
  • Banana exports are a total of US $ 5,8 billion in 2006, making them a source of earning to many countries
  • The people who work for banana production have changes in prices and export volume which brings about income changes. Also secondary, and tertiary industries and their employees also feel the impacts of those changes


Evolution or world production and international trade in bananas in thousands of tons (1961-2006)


  • 98% of the bananas grown come from developing countries
  • in 2007 about 130 countries produced bananas
  • Bananas in Bushwick are very important because they are the freshest food that you could find

Distribution of the world banana production by main actors
Average on the 2003-2007 period



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