Diffusion Of Language

It is believed that Indo-European all descended from a single ancestral language. The single ancestor can be called Proto-Indo-European. These languages came from physical attributes of words themselves. For example, the words for some animals and trees in todays Indo- European languages have comon roots. Since they share many similar words, linguists believe they must represent things experienced in the daily lives of the original Proto-Indo-European speakers. This language family may have originated in present day Turkey 2,000 years before the kurgens. These languages along with agricultural innovations difused west into Europe and east into Asia.


Global Dominance of English

Common language for comunication is a fundamental need in global society. The language of international communication, such as English is known as linga franca.To facilatate trade, speakers of two different languages would create a lingua franca by mixing elements of two languages into a simple common language. The rapid growth of English is due to the high percentage of students learning English as a second language. More than 90 percent of students in the European Union learn English in middle or high school. 500 million people speak english as a second language.


Expansion of English

The English language simply spread through expansion diffusion. People also fuse languages together which keep English dominant. Spanglish is a good example of languages fusing together. English is diffusing into the Spanish language which is spoken by 28 million Hispanics in the united states. This process is called Spanglish. Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York is a neighborhood where Spanglish is highly dominant