Push And Pull Factors In Bushwick

Migration in other words is a permanent move to a new location for a better job, education, health care and better living.
Emigration is another type of movement, when a person leaves their native country and leaves to another country for economic
issues. Economic factors that lead a person to migrate would be to find better jobs, people move to a place where they know there going to have a good job and probably permanent well paid and also provides any health benefits. The United States and Canada have been especially prominent destinations for economic migrants.Also there are two types of International Migration. One is voluntary migration which is when a person decides to move in his own will. The other International Migration is Bushwick_fire.jpg forced migration which is when people are moved by force. This type of migration occurred with slavery in which people were move by force to another place to be slaves.

This is a map showing the fire damage caused in BushWick trough the month of July this is most likely an environmental push factor.This is a big push factor because if a lot of fires are happening throughout BushWick then most likely people are going to move away from this place.

Black immigration began during the mid to late 1950's, centered in the mostly one and two family housing communities situated near Bedford-Stuyvesant and in southern Bushwick. This largely represented a continuum of the migration that occurred in other north Brooklyn communities after the end of the war, as the long term white residents departed to the suburbs and created housing opportunities for new residents. The blacks that lived in Bushwick during this time were working class and were strongly oriented to home ownership.The Hispanic Migration came later around the 1960s rite when the Italians were about to leave. They came as mostly poor and welfare dependent.

Interview To My Grandmother
1) Around what time did you come to the United States?

Response; I came around the 1950s.

2)Was life hard in the Dominican Republic?

Response: Around that time it was hard, i had to take care of my children s and jobs were difficult go get.

3)Was the government or president of the Dominican Republic providing jobs or helping the economy?

Response; Not at all they didn't care about the people they just wanted the money and power.

4)Who was president during this time?

Response:Rafael Trujillo

5)How did you came to the United States?

Response: By this time my mother use to live in the U.S and i came with a U.S resident card.

6) Why did you come to the United States for?

Response: I came to find economic opportunity's, to find a good home and have a good job in order to provide my children with their basic needs such as food, shelter, clothes, and a education.

7)Do you think that the U.S was a big contribution to your success?

Response: I said yeah if it weren't for the U.S i would have had a stressful time, this was a big opportunity and i didn't want to miss it out.