Ethnicity is identity with a group of people who share the cultural traditions of a particular homeland or hearth.Ethnicity comes from the Greek word ethnikos, which means " national." Ethnicity distinct from race, which is identity with a group of people who share a biological ancestor. Race comes from a middle-French word for generation. A ethnic group is tied to a particular place, because members of the group or their ancestors were born and raised there. The cultural traits displayed by an ethnicity derive from particular conditions and practices in the group's homeland. Race and ethnicity are often confused. In the United States, consider three prominent ethnic groups- Asian Americans, African Americans and Hispanic Americans. The traits that characterize race are those that can be transmitted genetically from parents to children. Biological features of all humans, such as skin color, hair type & color, blood traits and shape of body, head and facial features, were once thought to be scientifically classifiable into a handful of world races. At worst, biological classification by race is the basis for racism, which is the belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of particular race.

A racist is a person who subscribes to the beliefs of racism. Ethnic groups tend to cluster in specific places. Homogeneous states usually are held together by strong centripetal forces. Conflict can escalate to ethnic cleansing or genocide.The modern usage of "ethnic group", however,reflects the different kinds of encounters industrialized states have had with subordinate groups, such as immigrants and colonized subjects; "ethnic group" came to stand in opposition to "nation", to refer to people with distinct cultural identities who, through migration or conquest, had become subject to a foreign state.This map shows the population of Italians in Brooklyn, New York. In the Bushwick area, there are less Italians living there than any other part in Brooklyn.