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BACKGROUND: Religion has been around since time began, religion, was a way of for humans to have a better understanding of life. To better comprehend the mysteries of life as well as the mysteries of death. Aspects like the weather and how things came to be, and questions on how humans first came to this planet all came to the conclusion that led to beliefs that recently followed through with religion. philosophers ( People who have their own ideas and views in life and share with the world in hopes of creating change). Later on through time, more beliefs and more point of views in religion were written and shared. Soon Christianity came along and many people believed in the writings of the Christian beliefs, since as humans we seek a answer for everything, we choose to take what best makes sense and stick to it, for that is what you believe.

Branches Of Christianity:
Three branches to Christianity would be orthodox, Catholicism and protestant. Christianity is a monotheistic religion (belief in one god). centered on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. this religion is essentially consists in having faith in Jesus as the Christ and accepting him in your heart as your lord and savior. the bible use is named the holy bible the belief consist of the mysteries of life and death and how and why we humans were put into this earth. according to Christianity we were put into this earth to prove ourselves to god as worthy of being able to step into his kingdom, if we didn't prove ourselves we would be condemn to the fires of hell with Lucifer and suffer eternal punishment. many stories allow Christianity to take a huge lead in the categories of faith and religion, it was to say that god created Lucifer for trying to take over his throne , some angels rebelled and turned against god, those angels turned into fallen angels and are now called demons. throughout all these beliefs branches of Christianity bloomed because some people believed differently or work ship god in different ways.
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Protestants belief in Jesus Christ is different from the ways the Christians praise and work ship god.
Extra mischief is not necessary in the protestant religion. In Christianity you have the priest who you confess your sins to, he is like a portal to gods forgiveness to get rid of your guilt and be cleansed once again. then there is the pope who has communication with god. but in the protestant religion the teachings for gods way were different. some people rebelled because they wanted to speak to god themselves and have a communication, no one wanted to have someone else communicate for them. A man named Martin Luther came up with the thought or belief that if you learned to read the bible and understand its teachings, then you already having a conversation with god.

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The orthodox is part of the Christian religion as well but orthodox broke away from the catholic church at 1054 A.D.
and created there own ways of believing and work shipping god. Orthodoxes belief in a different way of the holy trinity made them become separated from the Christian religion. Basically everything the catholic church believes in the orthodox church means opposite.
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Catholicism is descendant from the Christian religion, when people are thought to practice their religion in knowing and understanding things like commitment to faith, the sacraments, mediation between god and communion, a understanding of sin and redemption, and understanding the phases between life and death and the consequences of having the final judgment in the need of time.
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Research In Bushwick
In the past they were many factors that led to many Catholic churches in Bushwick.
Before latin people decided to move to the united states.
Italians lived in bushwick and there main practice in religion was Catholicism so many churches,
were build with catholic beliefs and teachings to offer. So throughout time when Italians
started to move away from bushwick they left behind history in religion, and latin people
from different countries came to bushwick and increased the catholicism levels, they
brought new teachings and new ways to practice their beliefs.
same church in different point of view

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