Development indicates the standard of living, the quality of life, gender empowerment, and the level of education in a country. It basically identifies the conditions in a country. Development also involves the Human Development Index (or HDI) which not only tell us whether a country belongs to the developed, developing, or underdeveloped world, but also tells how much does the people learn or what are their condition of living.

Influence on the world:
San Francisco Redevelopment

Development in the world can often be seem as beneficial or unhelpful depending on the impact that it may produces on society. For example, urban renewal help San Francisco to gain more residents, tearing down many of the areas that served as working places, constructing new houses and apartments. This is how development had influence the city of San Francisco, making it more modern throughout urban renewal. Development also involves the financial status of a place. For example, the United States GDP per capita is $41,770. Furthermore, development talks about literacy rates. This factor determine if every person in a nation can read and/or write. For example, in the United States, 99% of the people knows how to write and read.

Research in Bushwick:

In Bushwick, development took a rapid pace throughout the late 1800s to the early 1900s. Many of the first things built were the bridges. Via the Brooklyn Bridge, they connect Bushwick and downtown Brooklyn with Manhattan . Later on, the connection between the two boroughs was complete with the Williamsburg Bridge. Urban renewal is also part of the quick development in Bushwick, after the fires of 1977, many non-profit organizations took the initiative of building new houses across the neighborhood.

Bushwick have come across a good progress. After the fires and the blackout in 1980, there was a lack of retail stores and housing. New immigrants came to the neighborhood, but they couldn't afford their living. The census from 2000 reveal that families made more money than what they used to make in 1980. Below is a map to contrast the differences.

1980 (left) and 2000 (right) census - the darker the spot, the more the families make a year.

Bushwick Today (based on observation):

Grove 358

-Myrtle-Wyckoff Ave. Subway station have been modernize.
-The Bushwick Resource Center indicates how the neighborhood is taking care of people opportunities to get jobs.
-Grove 358 ( is a new building in Bushwick and it is often call the tower of Bushwick.
-Health care for babies is improving with the Gates Pediatric Center for Babies.
-Developers ran out of money for new buildings in Bushwick because of the recession.

New Buildings