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Population Pyramids: A population pyramid is a bar graph representing the distribution of population by age and sex. Population pyramids are based off of demographic transition in that country. The population in that country is influenced by the demographic transition, it shows the percentage of the population in each age group and is distributed between males and females. A population pryamid starts from the youngest (base) to the oldest (top). The demographic transition is split up into four stages: Stage 1- low growth ,which means high birth and death rates which causes low population. Stage 2- high growth ,which means high birth rates and low death rates. stage 3- moderate growth ,which means birth and death rates decrease. Stage 4- low growth ,which means that brith rates and death rates continues to decrease.


How it influences human activity :

If a population pyramid has a broad base, and a small top that country is most likely to be in a Stage 1 to Stage 2 transtition which means the country is less likely to be industrialized. Majority of the time Stage 1 and 2 countries have agriculture or farms. If these countries have farms they will need the women to produce more babies in order to get help on the farms. If a population pyramid looks more like a rectangle than an actual pyramid that country is most likely to be in a Stage 3 to Stage 4 transition which mean the country is most likely to be industrialized. Majority of the time Stage 3 and 4 countries are capitalist which means they have business, trading and other things. If these countires are industrialized the women are less likely to have lots and lots of babies because they are considered "high priced." Stage 1 to Stage 2 countries such as India has alot of kids because they are a farm based country. What the government will do is that they will teach their citizens sex education so the birth rate in that country can decrease. Stage 3 to Stage 4 countries such as Germany has less kids because the fact that they are industrialized. What countries would try to do is encourage their citizens to have more kids by maybe lowering taxes, giving time off, and so on. Depending on what demographic transition the country is in depends on the governments decision

Example of India population pyramid:

Example of Germany population pyramid:

How does this affect Bushwicks population:
After taking the walks around Bushwick and analyzing the things that I seen, I discorvered that most of Bushwicks population is made up of youth (ages 24 and under). When taking the walks in Bushwick I have seen more day care centers for kids than senior citizen homes. Looking at the census tract maps of age percentages and oasis maps of youth population there has been alot of things that seemed really interesting.

external image oqvn87.jpg
external image 5l9ao9.jpg
This map illustrates that nearly 20% of Bushwick's population is made up of ages 18-24. This is considered the young adult population.

external image r26vja.jpg
external image 153mvkz.jpg
This map illustrates that nearly 15 to 30% of Bushwick'spopulation is made up of ages 35-44. This is considered the adult population.

Looking at the Oasis map of the youth population, focusing in on Bushwick there are certain parts of the area that is a dark purple meaning that 40-100 % of those areas are made up of ages 18 and under.


Senior Citizen Home on Gates Ave and Wilson Ave

Day Care Center on Linden Ave btwn Knickerbocker Ave and Wilson Ave

Day Care Center on Palmetto btwn Irving Ave and Knickerbocker Ave

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