Popular Culture in Bushwick

Bushwick: A small community located in Brooklyn.


Popular Culture, also known as pop culture can be characterized in several different ways. It is a description of society's accepted ways of living and can be expressed through their thoughts and ideas.
Frozen treat vendor

Examples of Popular Culture:

  • Music (Hip-hop, R&B, Blues, Rock, etc...)
  • Sports (Basketball, Baseball, Football, Soccer, etc...)
  • Clothes (T-shirts, Jeans, Sneakers, etc...)
  • Companies/Industries (McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, etc...)
  • Hobbies (Watching TV, listening to music, Participating in Sports, etc...)

Examples of Where It Is found:

Popular Culture is usually found in diverse, industrialized countries. In order for a country to claim it's title to follow Pop Culture, it must be in an area where ideas are capable of spreading at a fast rate. On the other hand, Folk Culture, which is society's most old-valued customs, is found in more closed-culture areas where things are incapable of spreading. Usually, folk cultured areas are very religious and strict in following their ideals and integrity.

How Does This Influence Our World:

Popular Culture is majorly based on the way people interact with one another. When migration occurs, people spread their ideas to other countries. For example, a person who wears a certain style of clothing and lives in the United States travels to a country like the United Kingdom and the people there could be infleunced by it. Popular culture wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the vast population of people that inhabit our Earth.

Mural on Bushwick Campus

Popular Culture in Bushwick:

Grafitti art: expresses the ideas of others in a more peculiar yet beautiful way
Music: NYC's proud that hip-hop originated in the Bronx
Clothing: The majority of the population in Bushwick follows the lifestyle of wearing jeans, sneaker, and t-shirts.
Bodegas/Corner Stores: One on nearly every corner street, Bodegas have become widely spread around our community.
Fast-Food Companies: Companies like McDonalds and Burger King are spreading their businesses around our community.

The negative aspects of Popular Culture:

Popular Culture in Bushwick

Although there are a lot of positive aspects to the use and spread of popular culture, many people seem to think the opposite. There are multiple reasons as to why others despise the idea of pop culture, most likely because of their religion. Many religious people follow old school fashions and so they dislike the ideas of change. But many others also think that popular culture has destroyed what is left of the originality of a society. If the majority of countries follow pop culture, then there is no uniqueness within areas. Everyone would follow the same ideas and customs. On our neighborhood walks, we discover that that isn't true at all. Although Bushwick is a follower of pop culture, we saw that people who migrated from other countries still preserve their customs, despite their surroundings. There is a huge Hispanic population within this community and so many people like to display their proud for their country by putting up their country's flag. From this piece of evidence, we can see that folk culture has not totally been diminished.


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