Globalization Problems Seen Within the Community of Bushwick


Globalization is worldwide culture, social,and political interactions due to trade, technology, and business. The globalization process started around the time when industrialization was getting it start in England, Therefore the role of colonization, imperialism, and exploitation contributed to what we now know of globalization. Now in the 21st century, the affects of globalization are having a negative impact throughout the world, issues like folk culture diminishing as pop culture grows.Pollution is also another factor of globalization that is becoming a widely issue.

How it influences human activity/ decision

A community school in bushwick that is providing people with the opporunity to learn english
The world as we know it today is shaped by everything that has influenced and impacted our society,Globalization is that one source that has influenced human activities over more than a hundred years. The United states happens to be the most diverse, therefore
, the united states is impacted more by globalization.Cooperation like McDonald and internet explorer.Pop culture influence our everyday behavior and determines what is 'In and what is Out'.external image moz-screenshot-14.jpg

The american flag that depicts globally known industries

Example of where globalization is found

Globalization in the 21st century is like a world wide system, which connects everyone and everything to each other, Therefore, the role of globalization is found in almost anything we know or own.
Examples Include...
- clothing
- food
- Media- cities where tourism is beneficial to the economy
- international trade
- migration
- technology (internet)

Hypothesis for Bushwick

Globalization of popular culture often threatens the survival of unique folk cultures. Due to this problem, local diversity is diminishing in a growing.In The United States learning English is the way to communicate with one another, its no wonder that English is the linuga franca. In the community of Bushwick the predominant culture would be the Hispanics.This community is holds the essence of their culture alive by establishing Spanish restaurants with all the traditional dishes. However the culture of many Hispanics are slowly diminishing because globalization of pop culture.Since the English language is part of a global communication system, Hispanics have to deal with assimilating to the American culture to obtain opportunities,but the problem is that many Spanish speaker are losing their language and their culture due to the American influence and other things. Another problem with globalization is that jobs are being outsourced here in America because American based companies think that putting factories in third world countries would be cheaper and less of a problem in the United States. Other than outsourcing jobs in the U.S, pollution rates are going up as well as the increasing rates of health problems around the world.In Bushwick the problems with jobs not being available is increasing the rates of unemployment and another problem which is the rent increasing because of gentrification in the area. With all the issues that are occurring because of globalization and the current recession, the people of this community are having the first-hand affect.

Primary research

As a resident to the Bushwick community since 1998, My grandmother has experienced what it mean to be a resident that has to conform with the American culture to get job opportunities and other help. Primary research was conducted on June 3,2009, this material has been translated from Spanish to English.

When you first moved to New york did you expect certain things to change from your life in El Salvador?
-Yes! I always thought that if you were to come to America, you would be able to obtain opportunities that you wouldn't get in your native country.Throughout my years in New york, I must say that I get governmental help like health care, however to get things like that you have to give a little to get a little.
Do you think that you are expected to speak and learn English to get those opportunities?
- In someway, i think you are expected to learn English because if you want a decent job that pays for all your expenses you need speak English and have a good education. education is everything right now, but we have to take advantage of it, or else you want to spend all your life working for McDonald flipping burger, however one day McDonald might increase their employers expectation.
what do you think about Globalization?
-I think there is a good and bad of globalization, but in today we are starting to see the negative affects of things.The news are always covering stories that deal with global problems.
You have been living in New york for about eleven years, do you think the globalization of pop culture is taking away from you culture?
No, because I still keep my traditions alive, however for many people around us, many have lost themselves to the media and influences.


In conclusion, my take on globalization is that it has two sides, which are the positive and negative affects of globalization.

positive affects
- trade
- connection with other countries
- resources
Negative affect
- pollution
- diminishing folk culture
- out sourcing jobs