A.P. Human Geography

Background: In studying Human Geography we constantly ask ourselves 3 questions:

1) What human activity is taking place in the world?

2) Where is that activity taking place?

3) Why is the activity taking place there?

In answering these questions we train ourselves to think spacially, sharpen our understanding of geopolitics, and expand the scope and depth of our guiding worldviews.

Units of Study

In trying to better understand the world we explored the following themes:

- Think Geographically
- Population Studies
- Migration Studies
- Folk and Popular Culture
- World languages and Religion
- Political Geography
- Economic Development
- Development and Distribution of Agriculture, Industry, and
- Urban Patterns
- Natural Resource Allocation

Final Project

For our final project of the year students selected a topic from class and analyzed the ways in which it affected both the world at large as well as our local community of Bushwick, Brooklyn.