Immigration on Bushwick


Migration is the movement of people from one place in the
world to another for the purpose of taking up permanent or
semipermanent residence. Migration can be Voluntary or force to move "involuntary migration".
Migrations have occurred throughout human history, beginning with the movements of the first human groups from their origins in East Africa to their current location in the world.

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Between 12 and 20 million illegal immigrants are estimated to be living in the United States; due to the nature of illegal immigration, the exact number is unknown. The majority of the illegal immigrants are from Latin America.
during the late 1960s and early 1970s, many of whom were from Puerto Rico, and more recently the Dominican Republic.

Research in Bushwick

Over my research in Bushwick I find out the most of the Business in the area of Bushwick are own by Hispanic person the have about 8 to 10
reside in the country " New immigrants". went I ask them why they decided to locate they Business in this area they answer was the in the Bushwick area the rent is more cheaper the it is in other places and the in this area most of the
residents are from they same ethnic group making the places more secure for them.

Interview wiith an Immigrant

Juan Perez is original from the Dominican Republic, he came to the United State in the year 1993, Looking a better life because in is country he can't never give his children the education and life the deserve. leaving his family in the Dominican Republic is wife and his two children one of 5 years old and the other whit just 1 years old. At the beginning he was living with his mother and 3 more brother in an apartment with just 2 bedrooms whit no job and nothing to sent to his family in Dominican Republic. Went I ask him the why they was living in the he tell me the it because at the beginning the was no working and they don't have much money and the was the cheaper rent that they can find. After some years things was getting better and he move to his own apartment and, later he return to his be continue.....
Migration like any other process shapes many fields of life, having both advantages and disadvantages. Effects of migrations are:
  1. changes in population distribution
  2. demographic consequences: since migration is selective of particular age groups, migrants are mostly young and in productive age. It can cause a demographic crisis – population ageing, what in turn can be followed by economic problems (shrinking group of economically active population has to finance extending group of inactive population).
  3. economic results, which are of the greatest importance for the development of the countries.
  4. Migration has had a significant effect on world geography.
  5. It has contributed to the evolution and development of separate cultures.
  6. It has contributed to the diffusion of cultures by interchange and communication.
  7. It has contributed to the complex mix of people and cultures found in different regions of the world today