Folk Culture In Bushwick

Folk Culture

General Definition:Folk culture is traditionally practiced primarily by small, homogeneous groups living in isolated rural areas and may include a custom such as wearing a sarong in Malaysia or Hanbok in Korea.

How it influences human activity/decision

Folk Culture has existed for centuries. It has been the foundation to most cultures. Either in their history, the make up of old laws as well as in their tradition. Though in the last couple of decades it had been increasingly killed of by the globalization of pop culture. For examples the Jarawa tride that are native to the Andaman Islands have been slowly decreasing in size. Both because of territory and immigration of some of their people. But some Folk culture's have survived by trying to become a popular culture, such as the famous Brazilian dance and music from, Capoeira.

Specific Examples Of United States Folk Culture:

The Amish church began in 1693 at a church in Switzerland within a group of Swiss and Southern German Mennonites.They migrated to Pennsylvania in the early 18th century. Since then they had stayed in Pennsylvania living the "simple life". Still tarveling in charges and using natural remedies instead of going to doctors. They have survived globalization by isolating themselves form modern technology.
-Alaskan tribes
Most of the Alaskan tribes, left today are the decedents of the Native Americans that use to life down south of the united states..
a traditional African American dance and music that originated form the southern slaves of the united states about 75 years ago. Today the cakewalk is still done int he south in the times of festivals. But some folkest have tried to convert this traditional dance in to popular culture so it's history wont be lost.
-Harvest of wild rice is still gathered in the same manner as a hundred years ago
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Hypothesis for Bushwick

Although popular culture has been diminishing throughout the world either by popular culture or migration, Bushwick has been one of the exception that those that have moved there have still held on to some of their traditions.

Primary Research

Interview with Ms Lebron
-What is Folk Culture to you?
Is rice with beans and pastelles.
- Does your family have it's own folk culture?
Yes, we always open presents at midnight at Christmas even if everyone is tired and sleeping. Also we must have pernil at every family event.
-Do you think folk culture is gone?
No,it's still alive and kicking. But it can easily disappear with this generation of technology swaying kids.
-Is there still folk culture in Bushwick?
Yes(But it can easily disappear with this generation of technology swaying kids).

Interview with Ms Stewart
-What is Folk Culture to you?
Family traditions
- Does your family have it's own folk culture?
Spending time together,BBQ & lots of food
Spending holidays together
Eating& telling stories about growing up.
-Do you think folk culture is gone?
It seems that its slipping away. Less social & personable, but it is alive in certain neighborhoods & with families & groups of friends.
-Is there still folk culture in Bushwick?
Yes, that's why I love Bushwick. families spending time together, kids playing outside , summertime BBQ's ^-^


Even though folk culture have been disappearing, some to have turned to pop culture to live on. Like the saying goes "You can either beat us or join us". Most have turned to joining them. But others have fought against the take over,by making there own school to sustain the language( Jewish schools).Others by bring back the foundations of old music and fusing it with today's music. Others pass the traditions to their family, so they can pass it on to their children. Some governments even put up laws to encourage those old cultures not to go extinct.Because those cultures my provide future help, like in medical fields. And sometimes (like the Phoenix) of old folk culture can be reborn into new folk culture.


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Puerto Rican  Car in Bushwick
Puerto Rican Car in Bushwick